Love and Hip Hop Atlanta aka ‘As The Hood Turns’ aired part 2 of the explosive season 3 reunion on Monday night (September 1, 2014). We finally get to see the violent fight that broke out on the set between Stevie J., Joseline Hernandez, Benzino and Althea Heart and we also get to witness it’s aftermath. It seems that it was Joseline Hernandez vs. EVERYBODY and in addition to Althea, she sets her sights on Waka Flocka’s wife, Tammy Rivera and later, Mimi Faust.




Oddly enough, the reunion show was about the ‘realest’ the show has been all season long and the black & white ‘behind the scenes’ clips offered the audience a glimpse of a coked up Joseline that will go down in the reality show hall of fame! HA! Funny to me. Joseline was beefed up but was beat down. HA! Funny to me again. It seems that all those ‘baddest b*tch’ comments have totally gone to Joseline’s head or some type of mind altering drug. Joseline takes issue with just about everyone on the show and what starts as a verbal altercation with Benzino & Althea, turns in to world war III on the set. While both Joseline and Stevie J. have to be restrained by security, it’s Joseline who breaks free time and time again to fight another battle.

Not only does she hop on Althea, but the Puerto Rican Princess sets her sights on Waka Flocka Flame’s lady love, Tammy and snatches her ponytail! Needless to say, Tammy’s bodyguard for the evening is also her mother in-law and she ain’t having it! Deb Antney manages to get in a few licks of her own and during the following discussion, admits that she ‘loves the ladies’ but will beat a b*sh down when it comes to her family!

Go ahead mama, protect your family  Momma Dee seemed genuinely concerned about Joseline’s drug addiction… During the discussion that followed the devastating fight, it’s Momma Dee who provides a few words of wisdom about Joseline & Stevie J’s drug use. Joseline’s former manager Dawn even confirms that Josesline has issues with drugs and the entire cast & crew chime in about the situation. It’s no secret that Momma Dee has battled her own addictions in the past and she seems to be the perfect candidate to orchestrate an ‘intervention’ on Joseline’s behalf. “She needs help. And instead of talking about it, someone needs to do an intervention and help this young lady… “



While Momma Dee believes an intervention is needed for Joseline’s drug use, the rest of the cast feels that it’s the fame that has Joseline addicted. During the discussion, they all agree Joseline is not only addicted to drugs, but she’s also addicted to the attention and the fame that come from her crazy antics. Well folks, Joseline need an intervention and a beat down to sober her ass up.

It will be interesting to see if Joseline returns next season…

Meanwhile, Kirk Frost not only made sure his wife Rasheeda was free from the melee, he also kept an eye on Tammy Rivera in light of Waka Flocka Flame’s absence. For the first time, we get to witness a sound and sensible Kirk Frost and instead of hating his actions, it’s clear that there’s actually a heart up under all that random drama. Mimi still hasn’t seen the light… On the flip side, while all these men are battling over and/or for their women, it’s clear that Nikko doesn’t give a damn about protecting his ‘assets.’ As Mimi is getting beat down in the hallway by a drugged out Joseline, Nikko is chillaxin in a private room texting and scrolling through his phone. When asked, Nikko said he made sure Mimi was ok, but the ‘black & white’ footage proved otherwise. Smh…..sad.




Big question now, is Stevie J. & Benzino’s ‘bro-mance’ officially over? For once we see a totally unscripted version of events go down on screen and it seems that Benzino and Stevie J.’s relationship is broken. I’m not sure if it’s the women who tore them apart or the ‘fame’ but it’s clear that they both played a role in the destruction of their relationship. Benzino went hard at Stevie J.’s fake ‘wife’ and in turn, Stevie J. posted photos of Benzino’s fiance’ online. There was no middle ground and a line had to be drawn. Stevie J. & Joseline both appeared ready to attack but it was actually Joseline who threw the first punch. Word on the curb is that Benzino punched Joseline for punching Althea and I think we could hear some of that in the ‘black & white’ footage that aired.



Whatever the case, violence is never the answer and it’s clear that the drugs had a lot to do with the situation escalating as it did. Stevie J. and Joseline were each escorted out of the building, while Benzino and Althea chose to leave. During a calm discussion between the remaining cast and host Sommore, it seems that the cast was even in shock of what had happened. No one expected the situation to go that far and as stated earlier, the season 3 reunion proves to be the ‘realest’ reality show moment so far. Tell us what you think. Does Joseline and Stevie J have a drug issue?