I am going to assume Mimi does not understand freedom of the press. Considering she claimed her sex tape was “leaked”.

Well just to fill you in on the details, Benzino wants to put Mimi on the cover of Hip Hop Weekly, without paying her for the photo shoot.

So, Benzino brings Stevie J to Hip Hop Weekly Headquarters to discuss the next business move..

“Right now Sleaze, she’s probably the most talked about woman on Earth,” says Benzino.

A father to his daughter, Stevie looks out for his daughter’s best interest, Stevie does a full circle and tells his partner-in-crime that putting the mother of his child on the cover to celebrate her sexcapades isn’t something he’s ready to do.

Benzino tries to convince Stevie J with the number of copies the issue will sell, but Stevie makes an actual adult comment says, , “All money ain’t good money.”
PAUSE! Not hating, but did Stevie J grew a heart just now? Stevie says he needs some time to think about it, but Zino does what he wants and goes after Mimi for the cover anyway.


Zino decides to invite Mimi and her publicist Dawn (mind you she was Joseline’s manager a few episodes ago) to Hip Hop Weekly Headquarters and run the idea by her, lets just say, Mimi is not feeling that,She wants $10,000. I mean dang! just because you got paid to hang on a shower rod, ( at very strong rod by the way….. my bad for the side comment) naked doesn’t mean people want buy a magazine with you fully clothed. Beside I sure majority viewer of this seasons Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has come to an agreement that the tape was not accidently leaked. Mimi you already getting paid for your porn flick….. stop being greedy.

Anyway I assume Benzino is going to exercise his First Amendment rights. I hope she realize Zino don’t have to pay her a damn thing to put her on the cover.

So she threatens to lawyer up on Benzino and leaves. Mimi really doesn’t realize she is a public figure, unless the magazine is slandering her, so really she doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on – or shower rod to hang on. HA! Made a funny

But it’s Joseline is who gets all crazy because her centerfold is overshadowed by Mimi.

She confronts Stevie J and while Benzino told him about considering Mimi for the cover, it seems he went ahead with it without consulting Stevie on the final decision.


Stevie appears to as shocked as Joseline that Mimi is covering the magazine. His ‘partner’ didn’t give him the heads up and now he has to deal with more darama from his ‘wife’.

Stevie J is already skating on thin ice with Joseline about all the Althea Monkeyfoolishness and his baby mama on the cover of the magazine nearly pushes Joseline to the edge.

She dramatically rips up the magazine and leaves Stevie’s music studio in disgust.

On the bright side, Mimi is no longer stressing about the sex tape now that it’s out. She decides to be to think logical about it and try to take advantage of the infamy.

Her friends aren’t so empathetic – especially Erica (Scrappy’s ex) and Ariane.

To make matters worse, Mimi’s father has a stroke in New York.

But before Mimi leaves town, she lets Erica come over with no idea why she needed to talk to her.

Erica, who basically has no story line this season (besides her ex boyfriend who couldn’t afford to pay for a night of bowling), decides to pull her moral compass on Mimi about the tape. She says she is “hurt, disgusted, disappointed.” Mimi doesn’t care what she thinks. She’s worried about her dad.

Erica doesn’t believe it is a home video. “The only thing I can do is move the f*** forward,” Mimi says.

After she gets back to Atlanta from checking on her dad, Mimi gathers Ariane, Rasheeda and Erica to talk about the sex tape.

Ariane is as judgmental as Erica about the tape. They all believe it looks like a movie, not some private sex tape.

Mimi says the sex tape distributor Vivid makes it look like a movie due to clever editing. “They cut it and slowed it down and added music to make it look fancy,” she explains. Listen Linda….. Linda Linda……stop pretending Mimi. It is what it is.
Eventually, her friends (who are still skeptical that Mimi hadn’t fake “leaked” the tape) decide to let her stick with her story and move on.


Scrappy trys to put on his big boy pants… kinda, VH1 gave us the impression Scrappy gets a ring that appears to be an engagement ring, but instead its a “promise ring”. What kind of bafoolery…. how are you Scrappy. I just can’t! Mamma Dee is still not happy that Scrappy made such a move without her “permission.”

Kalenna is pregnant with her hubby Tony. And their house/studio is packed with mold, too. That’s not good for the kids. So they quickly seek a new abode.


Well folks I guess the rest if the cast was on a break. Until next time, stay tune each and ever Monday at 8pm on Vh1 for the next episode of Love & Hip Hop