Over the years we have watched the Love & Hip Hop star KMichelle kick, scream and cry her heart out over being man-less. Her recent single "Cant raise a man" is hitting billboard charts. Her music is filled with hurt emotions towards men and her constantly getting over heartbreak. 



The six year old preacher"s son left Kmichelle with words of wisdom on her search for seeking a man. Its just sad that she had to hear from a young child to get through her skull.




Mir Mir, the six year old advised Kmichelle that she cant raise a man and reassured her that she will soon  find a man. Mir Mir told her more than once that she will find a man one day. 



The sad part is she just so desperate to find a man she will take advice from anyone, even a six year kindergartener. Well, Kmichelle as they say stop seeking and let them find you. 





                                                 WATCH VIDEO: Six year old preacher giving Kmichelle hope for relationship.