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If you watch the show Love & Hip Hop I’m sure you think that Traci is Drew’s one and only BM (babies mother).  According to Chris Brown’s Dj, Babey Drew doesn’t only have his baby’s momma DJ Traci Steele to worry about.  Sources mainly Babey Drew’s Instagram, say that Drew actually has a daughter with an aspiring R&B singer named, Mieko Love.  Mieko is hot, so I wonder why the editors of the show decided to cut that part of Drew’s life out?


Drew’s mystery daughter, Autumn Noelle, is younger than Drew’s son with Traci so we know Drew had to have been with Meiko after Traci.  So why is it that Traci is always going cray everytime Drew is seen near another woman?  Is this whole show staged?  Drew is not hiding the fact that he has a daughter either, his Instagram is full of pics of his litlle lady!  Something seems a little fishy here.  I guess we are going to have to wait and find out. Check these pictures out of Drew & his “other” family.

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