Not even a year has passed since the release of ‘Life is Good’ and the nasty one himself is already in the studio making plans to release his 12th. ‘Life is Good’ marked Nas’ final album under contract stipulations for Def Jam and did really well for him and the label selling 349,000 copies as of January, a decent amount with the way the industry is today. And we all know where the inspiration came for that immaculate album.

Nas took to twitter earlier in the day and hinted that he would be releasing the title of his next album sometime next month.


With the way Hip-Hop is today, the release of this album will be a blessing in disguise, I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’ve been a Nas fan since day one. #illmatic

Keep posted to for more updated news on Nas and his 12th studio album.

-Zenn Lee

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