The NY State Senate is calling out Lil’ Wayne to issue an apology to every New Yorker, after the rapper trashed talked the city to MTV  News.


Wayne was asked about a concert in NYC and responded by saying,  “Flat out: I don’t like New York.” Not surprising considering he spent 8 months in  Rikers Island prison in 2010 for gun possession. Ten Nicki Minaj was dissed by NY’s Peter Rosenberg, to say the least.

Now, Sen. Malcolm A. Smith says  if  Weezy doesn’t like NY, he should stay the hell out of the state. “He’s  insulting people like Jay-Z … Frank Sinatra.” Smith continues, “Quite  frankly. we’re not gonna let someone come here and make a living off all the New  Yorkers and tourists here and then basically say ‘I don’t like New  York.'”
Sen. Smith says he’s willing to forgive the rapper but he’s demanding an apology first.


Hey it’s worth a try.