New York, NY – Nicki Minaj will be featured on David Guetta’s latest single “Where Dem Girls At.”  Nicki Minaj spoke with MTV News this week stating “It’s a cross between Nicki and Roman, “I’m doing kind of a London accent. It seems like a rebel, or a rebellious little kid. That’s the type of vibe that I feel on this particular record. It’s party. It’s fun. Who cares? I’m gonna say the craziest, most insane thing, and it’s just about having fun.”

It has been confirmed to MTV News at Miami Music Week earlier this year that Nicki, Flo Rida, & David Guetta got together and did a collabo for David’s upcoming album.  The song in just over a week has maintained at #12 (May 11) on the iTunes singles download charts.

David Guetta has been chasing Nicki Minaj for over a year now and finally has gained the opportunity to work with the phenomenal femee, which Nicki was equally obliged to work with David Guetta himself, being dance’s biggest crossover celebrity.

Nicki stated “He really is a master — a master at his craft, he’s got it down pat. For me to link up with him, I’m just honored that he was reaching out. When I met him, I liked him instantly. He’s sweet, he’s humble, he’s funny, and he’s just a person you want to be around.”

“He’s not someone walking around with a chip on his shoulder because he’s been responsible for so many #1 records,”

Nicki continued, “He, for whatever reason, thought that I could bring something to his album, and to this record, and I’m so excited because it opens me up to a different fanbase.”
Although just the thought of Hip-Hop’s Nicki Minaj jumping on a house track may seem weird and out of place, it brings excitement to house heads to know Nivki Minaj is a fan of house music and collaborating with David Guetta.

Nicki revealed, “I’m a humongous fan of that music, it’s that kind of music that you get lost in. Your problems go away for those 3 minutes and 30 seconds. You’re in a new world, and I live in fantasy. I love to go away into another world, and that’s what that kind of music does, and so, yes, I’m a huge fan.” Well, so am I Nicki, and I am sooooo excited for this track!!!

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