Atlanta, GA – For the past several weeks rapper Gucci Mane has been over the media, but of course not on good terms. Between being arrested and indicted, it was also reported that him and fellow Brick Squad member Waka Flocka are still engulfed in an interesting feud. I’m not sure if Gucci’s whole situation is just a case of bad luck or has the DMX syndrome has fallen upon him.

With everything that has compiled over the course of the month, one artist has come forward speaking positive of Gucci and stating his need for an invention. Nope, it isn’t Waka, in fact Young Money’s first lady has stepped up to the plate.

Nicki Minaj recently spoke with Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 and spoke on Gucci. She states that her and Gucci haven’t spoken in quite some time, but elaborated on Gucci the rapper and Gucci the person.

These were her comments:

“So, it’s like I separate Gucci the artist from Gucci the person. Gucci the person is a sweet, loving, carefree, funny, hardworking dude. And so I never really paid attention to anything he said. In terms of intervention, I think about how talented he is and I kind of wish there was somebody that could step in and say ‘Gucci, if you only knew how special you were. You would take a moment to really just get centered.’ I just think he really needs to center himself and not to point fingers because I’ve had moments when I needed to center myself. Sometimes you just need to be alone in a meditating type of place and to just kinda block out all the other noise.”

Nicki continued to speak on Gucci, praising him for revolutionizing the underground mixtape world:

“I think that if he can get to that place he’ll be great because nobody can ever deny the fact that he kind of revolutionized a lot of things in the underground mixtape world. He also spawned a lot of careers…He motivated me a lot. I loved being around him, he’s a hustler. And so, no matter what I will always respect Gucci.”

If you recall, at one point in time both Nicki and Gucci were under the same management that being Waka Flocka’s mom.

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-Zenn Lee

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