Lil Wayne Name Drops 50 in New Pimp C Track

New York, NY – Wayne has been known to pop off several verses containing many different things in several of his mixtape tracks between past and present. His lyricism sometimes expresses subliminal tone or direct responses towards a certain individual. The last time we even heard Wayne mention 50 Cent on a track was on the mixtape record ‘Louisianimal,’ since then it seems as though 50 has been on a rampage throwing disses at Wayne trying to provoke him to respond or in Fif’s words clarify his remarks stated in that particular track. At one point in time, 50 even goes forth in stating that he will end Wayne’s career as he did others. Weezy has been quiet for the most part, keeping his distance, and working on his upcoming Rock album up until recently. It seems as though it has been lingering in the Young Money mogul’s mind for some time now. Apparently, while featuring on a new track with the late Pimp C, he mentions the G-Unit leader in his verses adding what Pimp told him about 50 before his untimely passing.

50 spoke to MTV News sometime in February about his reasoning behind the sudden Wayne disses that have been surfacing all over the web and breaks down why he felt it necessary to go those lengths:

“It’s been so long since I was saying anything about Lil Wayne. I gave him an award. At the BET Awards, I handed him a trophy. So when [his diss record] comes out, I say, ‘Let me say something that makes him create clarity for the public.’ If it’s an issue, let’s deal with the actual issue. If not, let it go.

He didn’t create clarity for the public. If you don’t do that and say something disrespectful that’s for the public, I gotta do something to address it. He had material come out. I don’t know if it was leaked or not.”

Sometime last week, MTV News confronted Wayne about 50’s disses and provocation. When they questioned him about 50’s comments, he chose to avoid the question all together:

“You said it never rains in Southern California? Wow. That’s why I didn’t see people with umbrellas. No rain jackets or boots, wow. That’s crazy. Young moooolaaah, baaaby!”

So now, a recent Pimp C track featuring Wayne just leaked to the net this past Friday entitled ‘Let’s Get Money.’ On that track, Wayne omits some interesting lyrics about advice that was given to him by Pimp before his passing. This was the collected verse:

“That nigga Pimp called me before he left this bitch/ Told me keep doin’ ya thing and don’t tell 50 shit.”

At press time, 50 has yet to respond or comment on the leaked track, but we will keep you posted. ‘Let’s Get Money’ has officially been slated to grace the upcoming final UGK album entitled ‘4 Life’ due out on March 31.

On the real, what took him so long? He could’ve answered 50 a long time ago instead of letting us think he was just going to let it surpass. If Wayne honestly started this than he should be able to fight his own battles and come out victorious. Either way, this should be quite interesting.

Jay-Z Discusses the Significance of Hip-Hop in Politics

New York, NY – Quite possibly the most prolific lyricist of our time has such confidence in the foundation of Hip-Hop as a culture and its pertinent influence on our society Jay-Z believes we’ve done more than any politician has ever done in race relations. Hip-Hop is without a doubt its own entity, it has grown immensely over the course of the past 20 years and will continue grow the more we indulge it as a free living culture.

Hov was recently on the cover story of Best Life Magazine and spoke on subjects of Hip-Hop in race relations and our major assistance in society. These were his comments:

“[Hip-hop] has changed America immensely. Hip-hop has done more than any leader, politician, or anyone to improve race relations.

“Racism is taught in the home and it’s very hard to teach racism to a teenager who idolizes, say, Snoop Dogg. It’s hard to say, ‘That guy is less than you.’ The kid is like, ‘I like that guy, he’s cool. How is he less than me?’ ”

“That’s why this generation is the least racist generation ever. You see it all the time. Go to
any club. People are intermingling, hanging
out, enjoying the same music.”

Jay is quite stern on his belief of our culture that has brought the people together in society. This is something we built and will continue to build; our foundation is strong and consistent.

At press time, Jay-Z will be featured in the next issue of Best Life Magazine that will officially hit newsstands sometime next week, be on the lookout for that.

Eminem to Induct Pioneers Run DMC into Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

New York, NY – To be inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame is considered to be a distinguished honor amongst musicians and fans alike. The title puts you alongside other icons that were chosen in the past. The long awaited moment for the Kings of Rock have arrived as 2009 will be the year they will be placed amongst the iconic legends that came before them, the induction of the Pioneers of Hip-Hop, Run DMC into the prestigious Rock N Roll Hall of Fame being held this year at the Public Auditorium in Cleveland.

It was announced late Friday evening that well-known lyricist Eminem, who grew up listening to Run DMC, will provide the induction ceremony for one his mentors. According to the Associated Press, Em will be alongside the likes of Smokey Robinson, Jimmy Page, Flea, and Ron Wood as presenters during the event. This is also considered a great honor for the presenter to induct their friends and icons into the Hall the Fame.

At press time, the Hall of Fame induction will take place on April 4, whereas Eminem new album will be set for a May 19 release. Be on the lockout for our official review of the album, which ever one of us can get to it first.

Finally they decide induct Run DMC into a most prestigious Hall of Fame. Honestly though, this should have happened a long time ago, this is something they so rightfully deserve. It’s sad that Jam Master Jay wasn’t alive to experience this momentous occasion. Congratulations to Run DMC for such an honor.