T.I. Discusses the Closing of this Chapter in his Life

Atlanta, GA – The day of reckoning has come and gone for the Grand Hustle CEO as T.I. has begun his one year and a day prison sentence. This past Friday (March 27), the Bankhead native appeared before a Northern Georgia District judge to make his sentence official. T.I. pleaded guilty to felony weapons charges in March of 2008 stemming from the events that occurred in the last months of 2007. He was arrested on the eve of the BET Awards where he set to perform.

Immediately after the judge sentenced him to his one year and a day term, T.I. attended a press conference where he spoke on positive issues and the ability to ‘close this chapter in his life.’ These were his comments to the media following his court appearance:

It brings me great pleasure and honor to say to you today that I have begun to close this chapter in my life with, of course, the help and blessings of the U.S. attorneys and the courts of the U.S. government. I would like to thank all who have helped me throughout my journeys, along my journey, including my attorneys, all of the foundations and all of the organizations who have helped me align myself with people who see to it that I seek out my wishes and intentions to the best of my ability.”

Throughout the press conference, T.I. kept a positive, calm, and witty expression, as he seemed satisfied with the outcome, however he did in fact mention his sentence that he will be serving:

Although I am not thrilled about my next year and a day, I am pleased that I am beginning the process of putting this all behind me. Thank you and I apologize to my family, to the young men, young women that I mentor. I hope that I can keep at least one, if not a million or more, from going down a similar path. I just want to say thank you.

At press time, TIP stated that during his incarceration he would be working on new material for his album he plans to release after he has completed his prison sentence while at the time reflect on his life and plan his next business move.

I must admit, T.I. is taking this all quite well. Hopefully during his time there, he would reevaluate his life on a personal and business level. If you haven’t noticed, T.I. has changed from the way he was before; he apologized to the young people that he has mentored, he’s even ended the feud that he had with fellow ATL native Shawty Lo. And concerning his new material, I’m almost positive that with the anticipation of a new album and new singles from T.I. will continue to keep his name and creditability in the limelight. As for now, 24hourhiphop.com wishes T.I. and his family the best during their time of hardship.

Veteran Hip-Hop Artists Bun B and Big Boi Send Best Wishes to T.I.

New York, NY – During the course of T.I.’s sentencing, many people from his fans and his fellow Hip-Hop veterans have followed the events closely leading up to his last day before he was to turn himself in. The industry understands why T.I. has to pay his debt to society, but is still saddened by the whole idea.

Veteran Hip-Hop artist Bun B recently sent a statement to MTV News about T.I.’s situation and expressed his deepest concerns for his brethren. These were his comments in the statement:

“From I’m Serious to Paper Trail, T.I. (and T.I.P. for that matter) has shown incredible growth as an artist, businessman, and a friend. The young wild brother with the leather Bankhead pullover that was ‘dope boy fresh’ has become the Purple Label- and Louis Vuitton-draped movie and recording star he worked so hard to become. The void left by his absence will be unfillable, not only to his family but his followers and friends, so we must pray for his safe return. As a friend, I hate to see this for you, but I know you to be a man that accepts his responsibilities and an all-around stand-up guy. May God bless you and your bloodline and watch over you behind the walls.”

Another ATL native, Big Boi, who is also good friends with T.I., expressed his comments about his brethren to MTV News in his own statement. If you recall, Big Boi and T.I. both starred in the blockbuster ‘ATL’ while back. These were his comments from the statement provided to MTV:

“Keep your head up, T.I. All of us from Atlanta are behind you 100 percent. ATL is riding strong for you, as you’ve come a long way, and this is only another step in your life that will only make you stronger.”

It seems as though the artists around him are all affected by his prison sentence, there is going to huge gap in the Atlanta music scene while he’s away. Keep posted to 24hourhiphop.com for updated news on T.I.

I’m quite sure that it’s not only Bun B and Big Boi is affected by T.I.’s situation. As a matter of fact the whole city of Atlanta will definitely feel the effects. Either way, his return will probably be the biggest thing in Hip-Hop. Keep ya head up TIP; we’re all be here when you return.

Jordin Sparks Verifies Rumors of Chris Brown Collaboration

New York, NY – With the ongoing reports of the Rihanna and Chris Brown incident that continue to flood media outlets, additional reports continue to surface as the days and the months pass with the upcoming court date that Brown is set to appear in. After the alleged attack, Chris Brown slowly began losing his sponsors and his credibility.

It seems as though many artists are contributing to the ongoing alleged boycott of Chris Brown features on their tracks because of the attack he ensued on Rihanna. The case in point here is that artists are afraid to add him onto a track because of the controversy and the negative press he has been receiving from the media and the fans as of late. One artist who is no stranger to Chris Brown, as a matter of fact the two artists have had a Grammy nominated hit together with ‘No Air.’ Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown, at one point in time, were like the perfect duo. Their talent enveloped through the track that became a smash hit in a short period time. The fans indulged in the song as both Sparks and Brown fans enjoyed the collaboration as they fed off each other.

Recently, it seems as though the sixth season American Idol winner’s initial positive thought of Chris Brown has somewhat changed. Speculation of another collaboration in the works was surfacing all over the net and across the industry. After the first collaboration between the duo was a huge success, many people thought it would have been great to see another smash hit from the two. MTV News recently interviewed Ms. Sparks after her VH1 Save the Music Foundation benefit concert this past Thursday night (March 26) and inquired about the rumors of another Chris Brown guest feature for her upcoming album.

She verified the rumors with these comments:

“It wasn’t planned [as a duet]. I had gotten a song he had been a part of. He had written [the song], and I’m not sure if I’m going to get to it yet. I haven’t recorded it yet, so we’ll see.”

At press time, there has been no official word on whether or not Brown will even appear on Sparks’ sophomore album. Her second studio LP is still in the works and has been reported to be released sometime in the summer of 2009. Keep posted to 24houhiphop.com for updated on Jordin Sparks’ forthcoming album.

On the real, ‘No Air’ was a huge hit at one point in time. The duet was an ingenious idea on her label’s part. They believed that in order for Sparks to achieve any type of critical acclaim away from her type-casted American Idol role, they would have to line her with a heavyweight R&B artist that would at least put her at the top. When they chose Chris Brown, he was indeed in his prime, as of now in his slow decline that still needs to be determined.