Andre Benjamin and Antwan Patton, better known as Outkast, are doing big things! With their staring role in the upcoming film, “Idlewild” (which is set to be in theater’s Aug. 25th) the two seem to be exploring other opportunities.  Director, Bryan Barber is actually a long-time associate/friend of Andre Benjamin and had discussions of putting out a musical since Outkast’s album, “Aquemini” released back in 1998. 

Though critics are giving this film ‘mediocre’ review’s, saying that, “Idlewild” can’t decide if it’s about bullets, booze, broads or the sound of hip-hop”, observes, Peter Traves of Rolling Stones; Emanuel Levy of admits that the film displays a “hot score” of “raw talent”.  Yeah, though the critics have come out the bag, “Idlewild” still doesn’t seem like it will be a total disappointment.