Poor Porsha, first a divorce from her "so-called bisexual" husband Kordell Stewart, now the poor child just got her bank account garnished  for non payment for her condo. So according to court documents obtained by RadarOnline, Mrs.Stewart was sued by The Grandview Condominium Association in 2012 for not paying her homeowner’s dues and when she didn’t respond to the lawsuit, the Condo Association went back to court in Nov. 2013 because she still wasn’t paying. 




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According to Court documents obtained by RadarOnline


"On Jan. 13, 2014 a judge signed off on court documents issuing the garnishment of her bank account to the tune of $17,859.67. SunTrust Bank will get the money on behalf of the Grandview Condominium Association. The court docs state that Stewart actually owed $13,584.67 in dues, but with interest, attorney’s fees, post-judgment interest and case costs included, the grand total is now nearly $20,000."


We hope Porsha saving her checks