Related Post: Lauren Hill Evicted And Facing Prison Time For Tax Fraud

A singing legend has been gone for a while after the group split “Fugee”, but now she is back in the camera light. Lauryn Hill was seen checking herself into prison for a 3months sentence for tax evasion. According to sources she will be serving her sentence in Danbury, Conn in a Federal Correctional Institution. They also said that the security is in a minimum stage and not as bad, Hill will apparently not be isolated, but housed with the prison’s general population.

During the case, Hill pled guilty last year to three counts of tax evasion for failing to file returns on $1.8 million she earned from 2005 to 2007. This entire saga has been struggle for Ms. Hill. She did pay the IRS back, while also partially. Hill also signed a  label deal with Columbia Records to help raise the funds to pay the back taxes. Our thoughts are with Lauryn Hill’s children during this tumultuous time. But there is a question, how will she act or behave once she is released?

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Lauryn was always a strong woman from the beginning and still is. This tax thing will over pass her and she will be good but she should invest in a good idea to make money so she won’t have to be in that predicament again or end up like Wesley Snipes in jail.