Magic City is the extraordinary tale of a boy whose father was a pimp, who learned to hustle to survive, and whose only role model was his brother, the drug dealer he watched plying his trade on the block. It’s the untold truth behind the cult movie Scarface, of the drug money that transformed the city into a shining mecca for the rich and famous while turf wars between smalltime pushers claimed countless lives.It’s also the incredible story of how that potent mixture of extremes—the electric pulse and glittering abundance of South Beach and the crime, corruption, and despair in its shadows—gave rise to the most dominant sound in hip-hop today. Magic City is an ode to Miami, a riveting tale of a paradise lost and a native son determined to infuse it with new life. "Trick is a South Florida product and and has paid his dues to get to where he is… from making music to giving back to the community. We've all had some struggles along the way but Trick has persevered through it all. He has always showed me love and I'm proud to call him my homeboy." – Udonis Haslem, PowerForward for the Miami Heat

In the city that was built on "The Lick", Hollywood, played by (Maurice "Trick Daddy" Young), a local Miami Dope boy, finds himself incarcerated on a trafficking and gun possession charge, due to the spiteful actions of a self centered female named Kimmie (Casey Lee) who turns informant for the FBI. Hollywood was trafficking drug for a street Kingpin named RICH played By CLIFTON POWELL. Hpllywood confides in his childhood friend KILO played By (SAM MONROE JR) to help him raise money to repay RICH. KILO has other plans on his mind to present to RICH such as a Direct Connect to the Columbians. if he can only win over this Cocaine Cowboy Plane Trafficker's approval named Mickey Munday played By himself (Mickey Munday). A-LIST CAMEOS) within the Diverse communities of Miami. The First Season follows the transition from Street Level Operations to Calculated Heists in order to hit the ultimate "Lick". Filled with Action, Humor, Drama and Suspense, all new Drama Series "The Lick" Directed By Chris Larceny shows the True Depiction of a Hustler's Life and the choices they have to make to survive in a City that was built on A LICK.