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On the show Real Husbands of Hollywood Robin Thicke played a cool guy with a banging wife that Kevin wanted until Kevin unleashed the devious Robin. But sad to hear that Mr. Thicke will be leaving the show. According to reports, the soul singer quit the ridiculously funny parody, he figured that the script was turning different and was changing his image/brand. The producers refused to change the script so he decided not to show up to the next day shooting.

The show has become a hit and was also picked up by BET for a second season. It has 4 million viewers and only debuted in January. Kevin Hart revealed on that Thicke left because he has so much on his plate and between the projects he was already involved with RHH would have a difficulty shooting around Thicke’s availability. “Within this season, his schedule and what he was doing didn’t coincide with the show, so he opted to go and do his music, Kevin also added, “Hopefully at some point in time, we can have Robin come back and do some stuff.

Well Thicke will always been seen or heard if it isn’t on RHH. The cast and crew will miss him but will be waiting for next season and approach success with the show. After his leave he released his new song Blurred Lines. Robin  has always and will be talented and won’t be unoccupied in the entertainment business.