Miami, FL. – Whether you love him, hate him, or hate to love him, nobody can deny that DJ Khaled has had a pretty incredible year this year and last night was no exception. Quite possibly one of the biggest events of 2010, all roads last night lead to “The Temple” — DJ Khaled’s annual birthday bash, which over the years has become an all-star, must-attend event for hip-hop luminaries and their ardent admirers. This year’s edition took place at none other than Dade County’s own, King of Diamonds strip club.

The Palestinian-American DJ and a plethora of his industry friends including Rick Ross, Sean Kingston, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Diddy and T-Pain, rocked the stage at a packed venue. Fans began filling in at early as 11pm. The crowd was packed and by the time 1am came around.  DJ Ace, Sam Sneak and Meat took turns rotating back and forth keeping the people hype as the crowd below was elbow to elbow, anticipating the start of the show.

Rick Ross was the first to hit the stage, performing his hit singles off of arguably one of the biggest albums of the year, Teflon Don, like “BMF, MC Hammer and I’m Not A Star” along with a few others. As soon as Ross completed his set, Lil Wayne even graced the stage alongside Mack Maine and DJ Scoob Doo with an outstanding set of his own, performing his hit singles this year. As soon as “Steady Mobbin” and “Miss Me” pumped in the speakers, the crowd went nuts.

T-Pain, Diddy and even Wiz Khalifa stepped to the front of the stage with Khaled performing their hits over the past year. Towards the end, Khaled then turned the attention to what he called “The future of Miami hip-hop and allow them to perform alongside the major headliners including Ace Hood, Rich Kidd, Duce Pound, Triple C’s Gunplay, Brisco, Ballgreezy, DJ Rhymer and Scotty Boi. Practically all of Miami touched the mic. It was amazing to see all of Miami on one stage side by side.

Other guest celebrities in attendance included Don King who hosted the event, Cassie, Pistol Pete, Dre of Cool & Dre, The Runners, Gil Green, Derick G, Tammy Torres. All in all it was a great event that practically half of Miami enjoyed. Let’s be real, when Khaled does it, he does it with a bang.

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