Rick Ross BM has been using social media as a platform to air out all of Ross’s dirty laundry. Earlier this week Ross’s GF Lira Mercer posted a video on snap chat showing her name tattooed on Ross. In his defense, she has “rozay” tatted on her as well.

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Anyways, shortly after that the mother of his child, Tia Kemp, decided to repost the picture with the caption that read:

“ Him and his hoe some slo hoes, now im convinced that seizure medication is fucking with his mind. Now please come pay this boxing and karate tuition @richforever since you pay for thottie tats”

Tia didn’t stop there, she also posted an old tweet of Lira’s where she wrote “Meek was in Love with me (heart eye emoji) #Philly” now the photo attached to the tweet looks like they are possibly in a strip club, she’s topless on Meek Mill’s lap. Well see that’s the thing about the Internet, things don’t go away. Ross BM reposted the same pic with the caption “ @richforever @meekmill are tall running a (train emoji) on this hoe?? Ijs”

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According to TMZ Tia claims that Ross has taken the car from his Son Again. She allegedly put up a post that included a shot of their 9-year-old standing next to the BMW B7. Rumor has it that the car belongs to Ross because it is in his name and he paid for it, he gave her the car to take the son to school. I mean this is getting crazier by the minute.  I definitely hope they work that out for the sake of their son.