Reports indicate that Chris Brown chartered a helicopter to Rihanna‘s private yacht in St. Tropez on July 22. A source close to Chris says not only was this possible, but Chris didn’t return to his yacht on the night in question!


“All I know is Chris wasn’t where we all [are] staying when I woke up,” the friend revealed to, but they couldn’t confirm where Chris was instead.


The source said that it wouldn’t be hard for Chris, 23, to get to 24-year-old Rihanna, revealing “he has access to boats and planes … out here, so getting to her [isn’t hard].”


It appears that Chris and Rihanna both being in St. Tropez at the same time is no mere coincidence. Sources allege, “They’ve been planning this s**t. You think it was a coincidence she just happened to be hours away here? She’s infatuated and so is he.”


There is not confirmation whether the pair had actually met.