The beef between Game and Shyne is just beginging, because the two have now released verses dissing one another. Responding to Game’s “Cough Up a Lung” video, Shyne fired back, with his own verse and video to the Compton emcee.


Dropping the beat, Shyne goes on to claim Game’s Blood ties aren’t real and to say he can have Game killed. Check out the verse below.


“This little busta named Game wanna rhyme like Po

‘Cause I rhyme like gold, I rhyme like I be climbin’ out that Rolls

That nine? I’ll let it blow, put five up in your clothes

Head shots leave you slumped, dumped, reclinin’ at ya door

Oh, this is blasphemy

Your whole entire career patterned after me

I got shooters out in Cali that’ll blast for me

You forgot? I’ll put your chest where your back should be.”

“Get what you came for

You the big, bad Blood? What you scared for?

I’ll shoot that butterfly off your face

Tell Jesus, ‘Peace,’ and I’ma smile at your wake.”


Check out the video below to see the diss in action:



Video Courtesy of MTV