Snoop Dogg says he’s going to keep trying to unify the West Coast.
He’s hoping to take all the heavyweights on tour with him next year. "Ice
had a great run this year," he began. "Too Short
was strong. E-40 put the hyphy movement down, Game
did big things and I coming right behind him doing gigantic things. We just all
need to figure out how to come together and keep it moving worldwide, as opposed
to us going out with him, him and him. Let’s go out with us and let the world
know we move as a unit."

Snoop also frowned upon the recent beef between the Game and Ras Kass,
who recently came to blows in an L.A. club. "To me that’s a minor situation,"
Snoop said. "No disrespect, but Ras Kass is minor right now. I understand
he’s trying to get back in the game, but it’s gotta be another route. Let’s
not try to get into it with the man that’s on top right now. That’s my view
of it. Ras Kass is a lyricist, he’s got lyrics, he’s known for making songs
— he don’t have to dis Game. At the same time, Game don’t have to dis
him, because you already in the game, you already known. People gonna buy your
records anyway.

"I can’t really get involved, but at the same time, they already know
how I feel about the situation," Snoop added. "I don’t like it, approve
of it or take anybody’s side. I just feel like they should let it go and make
hit records and figure how to get past that. If I don’t like you, I don’t have
to say anything about you, I can just walk away from you. It’s a lot of rappers
in the West that don’t like me, but they gotta respect my hand because I show
respect rather than disrespect."

Snoop says he has personally expressed his views to Game but has not talked
to Ras. "We gonna end all of that," Snoop said in true Doggfather
fashion. "Ras Kass, if you listening or seeing this, we need to figure
out a way to get a understanding. Game already got a understanding. He’s gonna
do what I say, because that’s my little homeboy and we on the same page. [Ras,]
I ain’t never talk to you about it, so I’m reaching out to you, little homie.
Let’s figure out a way to get this thing together and over with. You only cutting
your money in half. ‘Cause don’t nobody buy your records right now. So let’s
make it to where they will buy your records, not off of dissin’, but from making
good music."