Soulja Boy went to court this past week and was sentenced to 240 days and 265 days of community service for violating his probation. The attorney that was hired to represent Soulja Boy stated that the rapper had an awakening while being in jail for the past 20 days. The judge was not having it and told him he was lucky he wasn’t being sentenced to prison time and was credited 40 days served.

We reported before when Soulja Boy was first arrested in April 2019 after violating his probation by failing to do his community service hours and trying to falsify give evidence stating he had finished his hours not helping the situation and making himself look bad while in court.

The police had raided Soulja Boys house in Agoura Hills back in February and they found ammunition during the search. Apparently, the cops had gone there to investigate a report made by his ex-girlfriend saying she was tied up and held against her own will in his garage.

Soulja Boy is on probation for a weapon case that opened in 2014 meaning he is not allowed to be around or in custody of any ammunition or guns which he did not follow the regulations of his probation landing him in jail now for 240 days.