The thing about putting things on the internet, regardless of if its subliminal or not , there is a small chance that the people you are talking about may actually see =it, and even respond to it. Earlier today Gucci Mane ( @ Gucci1017 ) went on a serious rant calling out all the rapper’s girlfriends he has slept with, money issues with Waka Flocka, and just addressing the state of the industry as a whole. Well apparently the artist he mentioned decided to respond via Twitter as well and things are getting crazier by the minute.

Gucci claims to have smashed Nicki Minaj and it definitely made her feel some kind of way because she went in on him via Twitter with absolutely no chill. Then labelmate Tyga chimed in on the action. Gucci allegedly wanted a musical feature from Tyga and Nicki, which they declined. I guess that’s why he’s mad!


Gucci even took shots at Waka belittling his once known friend and business associate. Even accusing Waka’s mom of stealing! Here’s what he had to say…


Of course T.I, the man of many words, actually only had a few words to comment about this incident. I’m guessing he’s taking the mature route…



Well this concludes round 1 of the Gucci Mane Social Smackdown! Who do you think won this round? Will this cyber beating become physical? So many unanswered questions! Guess we will have to keep our eyes on Twitter, I have a feeling this is only the beginning…





By: India Redhead ( @IndiaMaliha )