Beyonce’s baby bump was one of the biggest rumors of  the year. The rumors that the fake bump have since died down, but it looks like Tamar Braxton can’t let it go, while appearing on Tiny’s new talk show, Tiny Tonight!


Recently, on Tiny Tonight during a chat about the year’s craziest topics,  Tamar said she once believed Beyonce carried her own baby until she saw footage  of Bey’s stomach folding like a blanket on live TV.


The reality star then went on to say that Bey was never really pregnant and  the baby bump was fake:


“I dont think she was pregnant. The deflated stomach thing. I watched the  video and I don’t know. She sat down and she looked up like “OH  SHI*!!”


Tiny and Claudia Jordan quickly came to defend Mommy Bey and shared their  thoughts.Tiny even claimed she touched Beyonce’s stomach while attending a  concert and felt a “very hard ball”….


“I touched her belly. I was at the Jay Z and Kanye show and greeted her. I  gave her a hug and she did have a belly there. I wasn’t even thinking about the  whole fake baby bump thing. I felt a hard ball there.”


Trina, another guest, later called Tamar “delusional” for thinking Bey was  faking her pregnancy.


Tamar is not holding back! Everyone else is just trying to make sure the  Illuminati doesn’t destroy the rest of their struggle careers, while Tamar was  just keepin’ it real.


After all have you seen Tamar’s fake ass hairline and plastic surgery? They should have brought that up on Tiny Tonight too! LOL