A few episodes into season five, Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada have both confirmed that they will NOT be returning for another season of BBW.

Tami says she’s moving on because she’s tired of the image she’s received from the show. Which she’s only created herself.  And she is tired of Shaunie and Evelyn throwing her under the bus.  But don’t you remember these 2 didn’t get along in the first place? Remember the T-Shirts? Security!!!!

Evelyn says she is over the show because she now feels she’s a big enough star to secure her own spinoff show. Going so far as to even claim she’s the reason the show was ever a hit in the first place.

Lozada told HuffPost Live, that Tami has to talk about her to even get interviews, a comment Tami was not pleased with. Tami took to her Twitter account to set Evelyn straight and she also suggested her once on-screen friend may have let reality television stardom get to her head.

A fan of Tami later brought here back down to earth, as Roman then deleted the tweets. Ev was even a bigger person, and just ignored Tami’s bird behavior all together.

Tami always is mad, and always will be. All these I’m growing and changing statements…where beotch?!

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