Tattoo Artist BangBang Discusses Rihanna’s New Gun Tattoo

Los Angeles, CA – We are already well aware that the R&B starlet, Rihanna, who was just the victim of domestic violence, is an avid fan of tattoos and has no problem getting them done on a regular. It seems as though enduring the pain is a regular thing for Rihanna.Well, most recently it was reported that she flew her tattoo artist to her L.A. home to have a custom tattoo done for her and her friends. As soon as the tattoo was complete, she didn’t hesitate to upload the photo onto her MySpace. According to the picture, it is a tattoo of a small gun on the right side of her body under her armpit.

That artist goes by the moniker BangBang and he recently spoke with MTV News about the reasoning and symbolism behind the tattoo:

She flew me out for the purposes of tattooing one of her friends. I’ve tattooed her a few times, and she gave me a call and asked if I could come out to her house. I wound up tatting her as well. We’ve been playing with it for about a year, and I was at her house, and I suggested she finally get the gun.”

According to sources close to Rihanna, the Tattoo is supposed to express strength and power. BangBang who’s done many tattoos for Rihanna says that she was in good spirits during the inking.

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