Hip Hop rap duo The Stepsisters release there debut EP 40’s and Jumpsuits.The Sisters Nenah Blaque and Mona Vinci took the scene by storm early this year when they release there single “Dope Bitch”.The single was produced by Texas producer Freeway Tjay at PBMG Studios in Miami.After releasing a slew of exciting freestyle’s there popularity began to grow in the Miami area as the city’s next break thru act.The duo released there video for the single “Dope Bitch” in august and received plenty of praise for there style’ lyrics and delivery.Fans of the two have been waiting for the release of 40’s and Jumpsuits which includes production from one of Miami’s top producers D Roc on the track who produced “New Diamonds” the first track on the Ep.Other notable producers include California based producer Bee wirks who produced “Bitches For Life” and the french production team The Higher Clique who produced Two tracks on the project “Block Game & Borrow Your Man.When it comes to features on the project the Sisters kept that to a minimum only recruiting the talented New York artist and producer Audubon for the track “I Got You” which is a female favorite on the EP.They also tapped R&B trill signer Ludy for additional vocals on “Chulas” also produced by Freeway Tjay.The Ep can best be described as a fun diverse the record that showcases the talents of both ladies.They both show off there lyrical content and there catchy melodies with a unique style of sex appeal.The Ep is a available today 10.13 at all online retailers including Itune’s Tidal, Apple music ,Spotify and more.

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