T.I. Coughs Up More Baby Mama Money

A few months ago T.I. went through a highly publicized court battle with his baby mama over the custody of the 2 children they have together. Tip’s ex, Lashon Dixon, claimed T.I. wasn’t paying enough to support her and their children and in the end T.I.’s monthly support bill was raised substantially.

Just when he thought it was over though another stick has popped up in T.I.’s road as he had to appear in court again yesterday in another suit involving his ex. Dixon claimed that T.I. still has not paid her legal fees which he was ordered to do so by the court in the previous rulings. Her lawyer bill added up to over $8,000 and she along with her lawyer filed the suit.

T.I. appeared calm and cool as always in the courtroom and made no fuss over the payment of the bill. He called the nonpayment an “oversight” and said that he was willing to handle it right there on the spot.

Looks like everyone came out happy in this one right? Well Tip’s 8 stacks lighter, but honestly I’m sure that’s what this guy spends gassing up his cars every two weeks so he ain’t stressing it. Baby mama drama is no joke. Wrap it up!

Killer Dr. Jan Adams Gets Jail Time

We all remember the tragic death of Kanye’s mother last year due to complications from plastic surgery. The final ruling was that his loving mother died due to her previous heart troubles. It also came out as well though that the performing surgeon, Dr. Jan Adams, did not follow all the necessary precautions to warn her about this danger. Outrage soon was poured onto the man but nothing much ever came out of it.

Yesterday in an unrelated case Dr. Adams was sentenced to a year in jail. Dr. Adams has a history of D.U.I. cases and he caught another one late last year right after the whole tragic scandal started. In the courtroom he appeared solemn and quiet, pleading no contest and taking his time. He was handed down a year sentence by  Solano County Superior Court Commissioner Ray Wieser. Though Adams was sentenced already he will not have to turn himself in until early February.

Dr. Adams recently also lost his California medical license due to non payment of child support. Boy did God take some extra time with this one or what?

Jermaine Dupri Fired From Def Jam Position

Jermaine Dupri is a legend in this game. A lot of people hate on him but you have to admit it, the man gets it in. Finding and putting out Kris Kross at the age of 16 and getting your first million by the age of 18, is my definition of gangsta. Fuck sellin weight, feel me. However some news has come out that is a definite blow to this man and his legacy.

Jermaine has held down the position as President of Island Records Urban Music for the past two years. It was announced earlier today though that his position has been terminated for undisclosed reasons. As president of the label, JD was responsible for finding and developing talent along with the planning and marketing of albums. As well JD  leased his famed production skills to artists on the label. He was one of the top people in the building working only under Antonio “L.A.” Reid and Steve Bartells, President of Island Music and COO of the Island Def Jam Music Group.

Jermaine had success and failures in this position. His biggest accomplishment was Mariah Carey’s smash record Emancipation of Mimi which yielded about 4 singles. On the other hand he also put out Janet Jackson’s latest album which sold like 80 copies. The intel coming out though is saying that it was more Jermaine’s behavior and antics in the office that was his downfall. Some say he was extremely arrogant and brash even to his superiors and this bad blood is what prompted his removal.

Hopefully Jermaine will bounce back from this and stay on his grind. As further details come about as to the reasons for his departure 24HHH will of course keep you posted.