Despite recent rumors regarding possible turmoil in Jay-Z and Timbaland’s close friendship and working music relationship; Tim has decided to explain exactly what type of relationship the two music icons share. He has also spoke regarding the leaked songs on The Blueprint III; Tim has finally laid all the rumors to rest.

Tim was previously accused of leaking Jay’s album by one of Jay’s close associates Memphis Bleek who had this to say:

“Man, you know where that’s coming from,” he said in an interview. “That’s Timbo’s camp. Somebody is playin’ dirty. It’s cool though. I like to see the people’s opinions. I’ve been reading the comments on Jay’s records saying that the beats don’t sound like this or that. I think they just set the bar too high for my guy.” Tim explained how his Blueprint III records were leaked online”

Well Tim didn’t seem too happy with those accusations because via The Ed Lover Show he expressed his feelings with the situation:

“Let me tell you something,” Timbaland told radio personality Ed Lover. “Me and Jay-Z are great friends. It’s going to be times of miscommunication, that’s between any friendship, real friendship is always gonna be miscommunication so what trips me out is how they got into it when we only talked about it. So I called like, ‘Is somebody tapping our phones?’ When we talked, he said, ‘Dawg, I don’t get it. This world is crazy.’ So what happened was, when I was working, a lot of my music got leaked too. So music started getting leaked and I’m like but I told him I didn’t understand that when we were doing a record it was mixed a certain way. I didn’t understand why they wanted us to do it that way, send it MP3’s to his engineer, evidently, people was getting it and we didn’t know. Nobody knew and as it was going through, I guess somebody hacked through his engineer’s computer, well, my engineer’s computer and just got us…And whoever got us tried to put it on me, like make me sabotage him.”

I’m guessing Tim wasn’t satisfied with leaving those thoughts as is, because recently he has expressed his thoughts on Jay’s relationship. He claims that he and Jay share a very unique working relationship. According to MTV, Timbo had this to say:

“There’s no beef between us,” Tim said in an interview. Me and Jay is kinda weird. Musically, I take friendship very serious. Me and Jay, sometimes people think we have falling outs. We don’t have falling outs, it’s that we don’t communicate at the proper time. I take friendship very seriously. I wanna tell him how I might feel about a situation. The last time we talked, he understood how I felt. He saw my point with the Keri stuff being leaked out and everything. I had nothing to do with that. I would never do that to him. Nothing against his wishes. It bothered me so bad, I went on hiatus for a minute, because I would never disrespect his wishes. Like, ‘I’m trying to do this with my album, please don’t let that song get out or no leakage.’ … Four months later, the song is leaked. I felt so bad, because I would never want my friend to feel like we had some miscommunications.”

Is it me or is Timbo just saying a whole bunch of nothing lately? [shrugs]

Mike Tyson In The Clear

Looks like Mike is in the clear, this time. I’m sure most of you remember the incident Mike Tyson had with paparazzo, Tony Echeverria at LAX back in November. The paparazzi were allegedly stalking Tyson and his family and he wasn’t having it! Allegedly, Tyson punched the paparazzo in the face.

I’m sure you can only guess what happened next. Well according to reports, The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office revealed that it would not be pressing charges against the heavyweight champ.

According to the office spokesman Frank Matelhan:

“We did a full and thorough review of the case and determined there wasn’t sufficient evidence to file charges against either party,” office spokesman Frank Mateljan tells E! News. “No further action is anticipated.”

Tyson’s lawyer then went on to say this:

ā€‹”The city attorney’s office made the right decision, given the
harassing conduct of the paparazzi who persisted in his aggressive
pursuit of Mr. Tyson, even after being ordered by airport security
personnel to leave him alone,” said Shawn Chapman Holley, Esq., an
attorney for Tyson. “The City Attorney’s decision today is a small
victory for those who continue to be harassed, annoyed and even stalked
by the paparazzi.”

When will the paparazzi learn, you can’t keep fooling with people?  Especially not Mike Tyson!