Came across this video on the web and decided I just had to share it with you. For those of you that thought Nicki Minaj didn’t have enough “personality”, I am about to prove you wrong.

Well you now a days, Twitter is all the rage! So in this video Wale is a little un easy at the fact Nicki Minaj has more followers than him. Wale starts talking about Nicki being so “Young Money” now and that she has an assistant to dial numbers for her. Nicki laughs it off, and then points out that Wale was on the VMA’s so he will have more followers than her. Through out the video they just go back and forth about Twitter, Barbies, and the infamous #FollowFridays. Lol, it reminds me of when Myspace was poppin’ and your friend would be like “Why I’m not in your top 8?”.

You have to watch the video to know what i’m talking about. I love showing that all these celebrities that people idolize are just like us.

Check out the video below!!!

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