Los Angeles, CA – Somehow I knew this was going to happen one way or another. Even with all the media hype and Tyga glorifying the fact that he was going to include the legendary 2Pac on his own version of ‘Hit ‘Em Up,’ at the end of the day the only thing that matters would be the sample clearances, which either took too long or wasn’t cleared at all.

Interestingly enough, the album was still released with a final version of ‘Hit ‘Em Up’ without Pac’s vocals.

During an interview with Skee TV, the Young Money signee explained why Pac didn’t make the final cut:

“I put it out before, but when it comes to clearing stuff, it takes time. It’s not like you can just call somebody and just like, bam! They gon’ hit you right back. It might take two, three weeks, it might take a month for his foundation to get back. At that time, we didn’t have enough time to wait.”

‘Hotel California’ was released this past Tuesday (April 9).

-Zenn Lee

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