Miami, FL – This past Tuesday morning (April 23), breaking news surfaced that the brother of former Slip-N-Slide artist Trina Wilbrent Bain, also known as Goonk, was shot and killed in broad daylight. Details into his death are finally emerging and putting more insight into what actually happened that tragic morning.

According to police reports, Bain was fatally shot at around 9:30 am in a local Miami neighborhood where he was involved in an altercation with a man stated to be riding a bicycle. NBC 6 reports that the suspect was a close friend of Bain and lived around the corner from Bain’s residence. After a heated argument, reports state that Dobson got off his bike pulled a firearm from his waist and shot Bain multiple times. Miami-Dade Police have stated that they’ve arrested the lead suspect in Bain’s murder hours after the incident occurred. Twenty-seven year old Ron Dobson confessed to the murder immediately after being read his Miranda rights.

Dobson is facing Second-Degree murder charges.

At press time, Trina nor her representatives have yet to comment on the tragic incident.

Keep posted to for more updated news as this story continues to develop.

-Zenn Lee

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