In a recent interview with a sports show, Jim Rome On Showtime, Lil Wayne talked about more than just sports. While most of the interview was centered around it, perhaps his most heartfelt message came at the end of the interview. During this moment, Wayne expressed regret for his past with weapons and respect to those who suffered from tragedy in the recent Connecticut shooting, showing that he had much more on his mind than just sports & Rap.

When discussing his time in prison, Lil Wayne thanked those who supported him. In particular, he thanked Brett Favre.

“At the moment, it meant more than a lot. At that moment, you’re looking for help from anywhere,” he explained. “You’re looking for support from anywhere possible so to hear Brett Favre say he’s praying for me everynight, that put a smile on my face for a long time. And to smile in that place is almost impossible.”

He also discussed his displeasure with current NFL rules, gave compliments to some athletes who rap and more.

However, his most most heartfelt moment came at the end of the interview. During this time, Wayne took a moment to provide a message for Sandy Hook Elementary, the school most affected by the Connecticut shooting.

Check out the interview below: