A heated altercation between Tyga and a concert goer last night in Omaha, Nebraska ended in gun violence.

During a stop on the Young Money rapper’s Careless World tour,  Tyga confronted a fan who had allegedly thrown some garbage at him during his performance. Tyga coerced the concertgoer, after finding out who threw the object, by exclaiming, “See me outside, my n***a. I don’t give a f**k. I’m from L.A., I don’t give a f**k,” he yelled as the DJ dropped gun shot sound effects over his voice. “F**k you n***as. On some real s**t, you can meet me outside. I’m going to do one more song for my fans, and then I’m going to go outside you b***h a** n***a.”

This led to a shortened performance of his hit single “Rack City,”  after more garbage was thrown on stage and back into the crowd. As he boarded his tour bus, shots were fired at Tyga’s camp as two people were injured in the melee, one being Tyga’s female artist, Honey Coc@ine. She later tweeted, “Got shot, and I’m not dead. What happened, happened. God loves me and he loves you.”

Check out footage from the show of what led to the drive by shooting later that night.