Wedding bells are in the air for one of hip hop’s hottest couples!

Wiz Khalifa, 25, and Amber Rose, 29, who are expecting their first child in several months, plan on tying the knot before the birth of their baby boy.  Khalifa told Hot 97’s Angie Martinez the couple plans on getting a wedding license in the next couple of weeks, but will hold off on the actual ceremony until after the baby is born.

“We’re going to do that in the next few weeks, either before or after I get off tour,” Khalifa told Martinez.

Rose hopes to pass down her wedding dress to her future daughter, so the couple is holding off on the ceremony until post-baby.

“If she’s pregnant, she can’t do that,” he said.

The couple is also waiting so their son can be in the wedding photos as well.

Besides wedding plans and a baby on the way, look for Khalifa’s second album O.N.I.F.C. out December 4th.  Listen for Rose to do some rapping of her own on the album.

Source: Khalifa Fans