Baton Rouge, LA – Apparently Tyga isn’t the only artist who’s had his fair share of situations with colleges. Shady Records signee Yelawolf was on the lineup to perform at LSU’s annual ‘Groovin’ On the Grounds’ free spring concert on Saturday (April 13), but blatantly decided not to perform.

According to the college newspaper, The Daily Reveille, Yelawolf stormed off the stage after he was informed that profanity was not to be used during his performance.

LSU Student Government President Taylor Cox commented on the reason behind Yelawolf’s behavior:

“Apparently [Yelawolf’s] management did not tell him about [the curse-free clause] until moments before his performance.”

Cox continued to state that Yelawolf’s $17,500 contract is considered null-and-void due to his failure to complete his set that he was hired to do so.

Talk about unprofessional, what artist refuses to perform a contracted show all because the use of profanity is prohibited?

In related news, during the same weekend, Tyga was protested from performing at Harvard because of the crude subject matter in his lyrics. It was reported that he did the show anyway.

-Zenn Lee

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