Miami is on fire once again after last night’s episode. It seems like Jojo and Amara La Negra are having trouble being loyal to each other after going back and forth on social media – bringing their friendship to an end. Jojo and Bobby showed up to confront Amara La Negra and the conversation ended with both Bobby and Jojo getting kicked out by security. Oh boy! Bobby and Prince can never give it a break. At every event they see each other at, there’s a commotion.

Khaotic also decided to ask Trick Daddy for a feature (even after going out on a date with Joy) and they ended up challenging one another to a cookout. Everyone showed up to the event but Trick Daddy had something up his sleeve. He decided to take Gunplay, Khaotic and Young Hollywood to go catch their own food in the ocean. Things eventually got heated between Jojo and Veronica Vega, because of course Bobby’s always instigating. Some words were said and next thing you know objects were getting thrown around at Trick Daddy’s cookout. Who knows what next week will bring to Miami?