Last night’s episode of VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta showcased reality TV’s most anticipated fight starring an embittered Shay “Buckee” Johnson and a disinterested Erica Dixon.

But was it really a smack-down? Short answer, ‘no.’

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More so, it was an extended back-and-forth with Shay doing the ole, typical ‘I can’t verbalize a thought so I’ll drop f-bombs galore’ two-step.

It was–in one word–draining.

Held at Karlie Redd’s Champagne & Weave event for the launch of her beauty salon that includes a manicure and pedicure bar, human hair extensions, and other beauty needs, the match included Erica Dixon, Traci, and Shay.

Sidebar: Who else is proud of Karlie for opening an actual business? She’s messy but at least she has a Plan B, right?

But I digress.

Traci invited Erica and Shay, two women who shared the same man for nearly a year, to discuss their issues with each other.

Desperate to play mediator, Traci explains she invited them both to discuss their issues.

Again, she thought someone’s business launch would be the appropriate place to discuss traumatizing love triangles.

Erica takes the opportunity to ask Shay the obvious question: “Why is my name always coming out of your mouth?”

And Shay–being an angry and resentful side chick–goes from zero to Chris Brown-levels enraged and just starts screaming a bunch of insults and f-bombs at her.

Unable to clearly admit that she’s enraged because 1) Lil’ Scrappy loves Erica more than he loves her, and 2) she’s internalized all her hatred for how he humiliated, lied, and outright played her and directed those feelings onto Erica, Flava Flav’s Favorite Bust It Baby™ just could not calm down.

Relishing in the fact that she’s part of a major scene, Traci interviews while laughing: “What the fuck did I just do?”

The closet they get to fighting is Shay grabbing at Erica which ends in an epic fail when security escorts her out. Literally, Shay scratched herself with her own jewelry.

But the best part is when she’s outside, banging at the door, screeching, “You’se a weak bitch!”

To which I argue, “If you can’t stop giving up your nookie to Lil’ Scrappy after he publicly played you and continues to do so, who’s really the weak bitch?”

Share your thoughts: Was Traci serious about them resolving their issues? For a woman who gets all types of crazy when she finds her ex-boyfriend more than 10 feet next to a vagina, why would she think in Erica and Shay’s situation talking would end well? Didn’t Karlie look flawless this episode?

By Carla St. Louis (@SheWrites007)

Source: VH1