Love and Hip Hop season 2 reunion started off wild while Trina confronted Trick Daddy about the real reasons on why the TNT album did not work out. On this episode a series of events unfold, Amara and Jojo talk about their issues with Jessie while Veronica Vega speaks about being called racist. Pretty Ricky’s past haunts them and one of the members did not show up for the reunion. Bobby Lytes is seen defending his cousin Trina against a few people on the show. It was interesting to see Khaotic bring out details on his arrest in Miami. Shay Johnson and Tip are also on the stage. Gunplay is seen sitting back watching the chaos go down, I’m sure his time will come in the second part of the reunion next Monday. There’s no lie this show will have you on your feet. Part 2 of the reunion will be shown on VH1 March 25, 2019 we can’t wait to see what happens next!!