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Nikki E – VA’s Bad Girl got a chance to chop it up with VA ‘s Bad Girl Nikki E. We talk to Nikki E about what he has going on at the moment. She talks to us about her current and upcoming projects. Also Nikki E tells us about her life growing up in VA along with the music scene in her area. Make sure to check out Nikki E’s interview and check out why she is 24hourhiphop’s Next In Line!

SwissBoi – Ignite Your World chops it up with our Next In Line artist Swissboi. We learn all about who he is, his hustle, and much more. Swissboi tells us about his life growing up in Zurich, Germany for part of his life. Now that he resides in Atlanta we learn what the music scene is like in his area. Swissboi also talks to us about his current projects, music videos, and more. Check out what Swissboi had to tell us and let us know what you think!

$tekaly (Tha Singer) – International Singer & Poet chopped it up with a singer all the way from Aruba who goes by the name of $tekaly (Tha Singer). She tells us about her life at home, music career, life growing up, she also tells us about her new music and videos along with her upcoming mixtape. Check out the interview below and check out what she had to say!

WTF?! Will Smith Kisses His Son Jaden On The Lips

What can’t be said about the Smith-Pinkett clan? Watch: Will Smith Kiss Son Jaden On The Lips Let’s see. Jada wears a strap-on for Will. …

Kelly Rowland Opens Up About Being In An Abusive Relationship?

At one of R&B Superstar Kelly Rowland’s performance sge told her audience that surviving domestic abuse made her a better woman. She starts off saying “f*ck you” to anybody …

Ray J Talk’s Kim Kardashian Fabolous The Money Team And More With The Breakfast Club – Watch Now

Ray J makes his way to the Breakfast Club for a reunion.  Ray J was actually the first guest that the breakfast club ever had, …

Is Rick Ross Sabotaging His Own Career Over Rape Lyric?

When is an artist’s actions detrimental to his brand? In light of recent controversy surrounding his feature on Rocko’s song, “U.O.E.N.O.,” where he boasts about raping a …

Police File Complaint Against 9-Yr Old Rapper Lil Poopy’s Dad For Drugs and Molestation

One video shows the 9-year-old rapper repeatedly slapping the buttocks of a  woman who is bent over. In another video, Luie Rivera Jr., a Brockton  …

B. West: They Call Me Mr. West!

24: Introduce yourself to everyone that doesn’t already know who you are. B. West: My name is B. West aka Mr. West. I’m a Rap …

Hi Dolla Honey: Hip-Hop Honey

24: Introduce yourself to everyone that doesn’t already know who you are? Hi Dolla Honey: Hi everyone, My name is Hi Dolla Honey aka Hi …

Brianna Perry Scores Big With Beyonce Fans And Maybe The Super Star Herself

Could we have another female Mc ready to break into the mainstream light? If the rumors and gossip hold true Brianna Perry could be the …

Lil Wayne & Kanye West’s Cross Dressing, “It’s Acceptable If You’re Not Wearing A Pair Of Heels W/ It”

With the recent trend of rap stars like Lil Wayne and Kanye West getting slammed for rocking women's attire in public, a few fashion experts …

Kreayshawn Says Rick Ross Beef Is Over And She’s “Misunderstood”

  In the world of Hip Hop beefs that ultimately end up producing nothing but inflammatory headlines, Kreayshawn and Rick Ross likely ranks closer to the …

[Video] Teyana Taylor – Her Room (Marvin’s Room Remix)


Fat Boy Rhymer: Gaining Their Attention


Raven Athena: Beautiful People


Tammy Torres: One Of A Kind


Diamond VS. M.s 32 Flavors


Ryan Leslie: Rising Icon


Alana M. Rodriguez: Slow Wind