Kmichelle is leaving Love & Hip Hop New York and working on her on show called “No New Friends”. The R&B singer started off in Atlanta Love & Hip show and moved to New York to promote her album “Rebellious Soul”. Kmichelle states that she is moving on to better thing and will began recording her on show “ No New Friends” on February 10th.



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Despite the recent drama of RKelly stating that him and Kmichelle made beautiful music between the sheets and then later apologized for lying. Kmichelle is biting the series of Rkelly “Trapped in the Closet” videos by turning her album “Rebellious Soul into a similar musical that will air on VH1. In a recent radio interview Kmichelle voiced that she is no longer friends with Rkelly.




“I wasn’t upset, I just thought it was really distasteful,” she said. I will always respect him. I learned so much from him. We all hit a point in our lives where we might need to say things to get different looks or to look a certain kinda way. He did put out an apology for it. I think it was more hurtful than anything because I’ve been so loyal to him.”