Aren’t you annoyed with the “Harlem Shake” song? Too bad, because the rapper, Pitbull, is dissing Lil Wayne over the track.

Mr. 305 is the first Miami-an to speak out over Lil Wayne’s “F*ck Miami” speech. He raps: “You got money, yeah yeah, that’s sweet/ But we all know Slim and Baby really eat/ You talk Miami if you talking Heat/ Moral of the story, don’t shit where you eat.”

Last week, after Weezy made disparaging remarks about the Miami Heat — claiming to have slept with Chris Bosh’s wife — and the NBA, he apologized to Lebron James and the city, but not the team.

I’m guessing Trick Daddy is busy cooking, Ross is busy hiding and Uncle Luke is well…who knows.

“Ever since I got here, there were billboards and signs saying, ‘Lil Wayne, Go Back Home,’ you know what I mean? And I didn’t do anything,” he explained. “This is Miami, I can’t move. I got the best skate weather, ever, down here. … The main thing I really want to get out there is that I do apologize for the misunderstanding to the city of Miami. I love everyone here, it’s just I’m passionate about sports and I felt very disrespected, that’s all. I felt very, very disrespected.”

Check out the track below: