The highly anticipated return of Basketball Wives LA popped off last night and it was juicy as usual! So incase you missed it, let me tell you what went down… It appears as if everything picked up right where it left off. Malaysia is still pissed at Jackie for her insensitive statement where she stated she would shoot someone in the head with a 9 millimeter KNOWING Malaysia’s brother was fatally shot recently by a police officer. Talk about a low blow! Threats like that would make anybody snap! We all know we don’t make jokes like that; then again Sunday was making jokes about cancer last season. There isn’t a line that these women will not cross.

Anyways there are two new additions on the show, Patrice and the other one is Mehgan who moved from Houston. Apparently Mehgan and Jackie shared a publicist at one point and Jackie took her under her wing. So in an attempt to “mingle” she popped up on the scene at Draya’s fashion show, Brandi and Malaysia was there as well. She went over and introduced herself to them and gave Draya kudos for the show. Now Draya already was getting a funny vibe from Mehgan and recalled seeing her and Jackie tweet back and forth. Draya blatantly asked her if she knew anyone in LA. Mehgan answered “no”. Now relationship 101 tells you don’t build anything based on a lie. That goes for any relationship whether its boyfriend, girlfriend, friends or family. From the minute those words left her lips, I knew it would come back and bite her in the ass. She just rubbing me the wrong way and its only the first episode. So was she downplaying her friendship with Jackie because she knows how messy she is? Or is she just a pathological liar?

I don’t know what kind of dirt Jackie has on Draya or if she just really has a heart of gold, because it seems as if she can get her out of her system. There is nothing she wont forgive when it comes to that woman. Now she’s playing the middleman for the Jackie VS Malaysia & Brandi series. Jackie claims she wants to apologize to them, however, they are only willing to hear her apology if Jackie agrees to their stipulations. Brandi is requiring that Jackie host an event to raise funds for ovarian cancer, which is definitely doable. I mean who doesn’t love a good cause? Malaysia on the other hand decides to up the ante and requests a to take Doug— as in Jackie’s husband, Doug, out on a date. Not sure how Jackie is going to manage that but it looks like we are in for one hell of a season, especially since Shaunie and Tami will also be joining the cast. Definitely interested to see how things unravel!

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– Indiedigital