GEESH, didn't I tell you all Justin Beiber seriously needs to be stopped. He not only has legal troubles in the USA, but he now faces problems in his home country of CANADA. CNN reports that Justin has been arrested for assault. The assault happened last month, reports state Justin assaulted a limo driver. So, now we can say this young man has been wrecking havoc in a confirmed 3 countries.

If and when he returns to Brazil, he faces charges of vandalism, stemming from his trip last year when he spray painted walls in Sao Paulo. The Toronto incident happened on December 30th, around 3am after the limo driver took Beiber and 6 of his friends back to their hotel. Beiber reportedly struck the man in the head and police were later called. His reps maintain his innocence, while stating that this will result in a simple misdemeanor.

Somebody please get this young man to calm down. He is just going down a vicious spiral and yes it might be due to "misguidedness", but that still does not excuse these behaviors.