Before the absurd innocent ruling on George Zimmerman, there was the story of Marissa Alexander a Florida woman of African American descent whom was found guilty of firing a warning shot and sentenced to 20 years in May 2012.  A shinning light was found in this dark tunnel because on September 2012 Alexander was granted a retrial because the First District Court Of Appeals in Florida ruled that "the jury instructions on self defense were erroneous". Florida Special Prosecutor Angela

Young Jeezy Arrested on Battery, False Imprisonment, & Threat Charges

Corey, you know, the one who originally prosecuted Zimmerman is the same one in charge of this case and it just seems that she is bent over backwards about keeping Alexander in prison. broke the news that Corey is moving forward in an attempt to revoke Alexander's bond, due to violation of the terms of her bond release. She claims Alexander took trips outside her home that were not approved by the State, although Alexander's reps are certain that the probation officers signed off every single time. I don't know the full details on this story beginning to end, but the same prosecutors who "didn't have enough evidence" to convict Zimmerman are going above and beyond in attempts to convict Alexander. So, y'all think race is an issue OR NAH??? The hearing is set to take place this Friday, so we will keep you updated on the latest developments.

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