Now I ran across this blog on and Im unsure if this is true, I mean first Mimi thought Nikko was scum, then the "supposed leaked" sex tape, now she maybe pregnant and getting married. Is Mimi competing with Joseline to stay relevant? Mimi relationship with Nikko seems to be a business relationship. Mimi is the biggest hypocrite on reality TV, she seems to hate Joseline for being a "hoe" but if you ask me, what makes you different MiMi? At least Joseline was real from day 1, you came out of nowhere doing Hoe-shit and trynna look crazy with all them fake tears. Nikko probably came up with the smart hoe-changing idea that just launched your career. Dont know how tru this story is but if Mimi being pregnant, not right to add children into  your messiness.


According to

"May 6, 2014: has some GREAT news to report . . . not only will Mii and Nikko get MARRIED this season on Love and Hip Hop . . . but MiMi is PREGNANT!! You heard it here first, can OFFICIALLY CONFIRM that when Nikko was in that SHOWER DOING WORK . . . the couple CONCEIVED THEIR BABY.

So you see, that sextape wasn't all that bad . . . it PRESERVED THE MEMORY of when the couple's child was CONCEIVED . . . isn't that romantic . . . LOL!!"