#L&HHATL Reunion Part I Recap

This reunion starts with everyone getting ready in their dressing rooms, talking shit as usual. The producers meet up with everyone to make sure everything’s going to be cordial on stage. Really!?! We already know the shits about to hit the fan. Are you ready to rumble!?!

The Comedic Diva Sommore hosts the Love & Hip Hop Atl cast for last night’s shenanigans, and goes right into the Scrappy, Bambi, and Erica P. fiasco. Bambi is not letting Erica P., how do you become an aspiring side chick lol. Erica D., Scrappy’s baby mother let’s Bambi know that karma is a bitch, because now she knows how it felt when she decided to sleep with Scrappy when he was still engaged to Erica D. Mama Dee agrees that she is Bi-polar and no one will ever be good for her son although she does like Bambi.

As the drama and arguing continues between Bambi and Erica P., the conversation shifts over to Scrappy and Erica D.’s chemistry. Erica D. takes this as an opportunity to put Scrappy on blast about them still having sex and getting it in together. Scrappy denies it and puts it on his daughter and God that he did not eat the cookie lol. I’m believing Erica D. on this oneCreator and Executive producer Mona Scott confronts Scrappy after he threatens to leave the Reunion taping. She doesn’t understand why a man would get so upset about 3 women exposing the fact that he’s smashed all 3 of them. I don’t get it either Mona (side eye).

Boring ass Rahseeda and tired ass Kirk start discussing Babygate. I’m just they are back on track and Kirk is not still on that foolishness. Now, Karlie Redd on the other hand is a straight fool if you ask me. Karlie reveals that she only flirted with R&B singer Jeremih to make Yung Joc jealous. If you ask me, it didn’t seem like a real relationship anyway (side eye Mona Scott), but entertaining none the less.

Yung Joc is hilarious. Apparently he lets it be known that Karlie Redd was very physically abusive towards and even once woke u Karlie standing over him in bed accusing him of cheating and fractured his finger trying to grab his phone. Karlie confirms the crazy story. Joc was quick to check Sommore when she introduced his new girl KD a.k.a Telly tubby/Ms. Piggy as his side chick. But the best part of the conversation was Karlie Redd’s expertise of using her foot on Joc for sexual pleasures, where can we take a class lol?

Yung Joc & Karlie Redd

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– Crawford Confidentials