The reunion taping for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta went down last night and according to the reports it was action packed.Most of the controversy is surrounding Joseline Hernandez who reportedly was high on coke.Apparently she came with her mind made up that she was going to kick some ass but things did not quite go according to plans.Word is Joseline tried to attack Waka Flocka’s wife Tammy but was knocked to the ground by Deb Atney Wacka’s mom and both ladies gave her the business.Taping was stopped and Joseline was giving time to cool off and when she returned she decided to take her frustration out on Althea Benzino’s Fiance.According to people at the taping Joseline tried to charge Althea but was socked in the eye and fell to the ground screaming.Taping was stopped again and Joseline who did not want to receive any medical attention returned once again to the set.For her last battle she chose Mimi who was not as fortunate as the other two girls.It’s said that when Joseline attacked Mimi both ladies were scuffling when Stevie J got involved and tried to break up the fight Mimi fell to the floor.Stevie held her down to restrain her and Joseline was able to jump on top of her with a series of punches that knocked Mimi out cold.Where told Mimi was rushed to the hospital but is in stable condition.

Part 2 of the taping which was supposed to happen today is still in question,i’m sure the producers are trying to figure out how to keep the cast members safe from each other.Or maybe just Joseline who recently had a video of her leaked as she was in the studio high on drugs free styling and dissing Nicky Minaj.