These girls are always going at it, but Kenya, Kenya, Kenya how long did you think that mouth will last. After being taunted by Ms.Moore, Porsha was done, according to USWeekly Porsha delivered a beat down in Kenya's life that Kenya wont forget. Porsha always held her own and never became violent on the show, and the poor thing is going through a messy divorce so Kenya was looking for it if you ask me. if you cant back that mouth up, then Kenya sit down with your twirling ass.


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According to USWeekly:


"It just got real. Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Porsha Stewart and Kenya Moore got into a vicious brawl on Thursday, March 27, Us Weekly can confirm. The incident occurred while the two ladies were filming the always-combative reunion special for the Bravo series.

“There was a major physical altercation between Porsha and Kenya,” an insider tells Us. “To the point that Porsha beat the crap out of Kenya, dragged her across the stage by her hair, and gave her a major beatdown.”

Stewart and Moore have been going head-to-head with each other for years. Back in November 2012, Moore called then-newcomer Stewart “naive” and a “heifer,” and ranted about her new costar just minutes after meeting her in Season 5.

“Losing my cool, getting out character, cursing somebody else, embarrassing yourself . . . I can pretty much say I’ve done all of that!” Moore told Us during a visit to our NYC headquarters at the time. “It’s a reality show, things happen.”

During season six, Moore antagonized Stewart further in the aftermath of her split from husband Kordell Stewart — suggesting that Porsha was a “beard” for the NFL pro."


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We got more details…


According to MediaTakeOut.com


"NeNe was behind the scenes plotting her REVENGEH. According to our snitch, during one of the breaks, NeNe got in Porsha's ear . . . and convinced her that Kenya was "TAKING OVER" the reunion, and that she needed to be stopped. This happened about 8 HOURS INTO the shooting . . . after Porsha had drank a FULL BOTTLE of champagne on her own. So she was DRUNK and IMPRESSIONABLE.

When they resumed filming. Kenya tried Porsha – by making comments about what Porsha ALLEGEDLY did with sex toys and her ex-husband Kordell's BOOTYHOLE. But Porsha, who was amped up on LIQUOR and NENE'S GAS . . . blacked out. She jumped up and PUNCHED Kenya in the face. She then GRABBED KENYA BY HER WEAVE and started dragging her LITERALLY across the stage . . . all the while punching her in the head.

IT WAS A MESS. Bravo apparently did not have proper security, so the beating lasted longer than any other fight on Reality TV. We have to be clear . . . this wasn't no Bad Girls Club type of cat fight … Porsha actually BEAT THAT LADY AZZ . . . like some WORLDSTAR SH*T!!!

After the beating, the tone of the reunion changed, with everyone talking about how violence is never the answer, and how what Porsha did was out of line. The producers went to GREAT LENGTHS to try and patch things up with Kenya and Porsha last night. But as of the time that they LEFT THE SET AROUND MIDNIGHT . . . Kenya was still talking about FILING CRIMINAL CHARGES against Porsha.

We're told that Kenya plans on filing charges today . . . unless BRAVO folk can talk her OUT OF IT!!!"



Hopefully Ms.Moore has learned her lesson, dont think you wont get dish-ragged in this mutha, if you dont keep your mouth shut. Shoot Im team Porsha, especially after hearing about this beat-down.