A trade secret is a process or formula derived by any business to project themselves better than the others in the market. Also this secret helps them work in a different way to earn more profits. Trade secrets include distribution and sales methods, consumer profiles, advertising and marketing strategies, manufacturing process, designs and more. Every industry whether it is into catering, entertainment, music, hospitality or any other sector, people use unique strategies and approaches in their services.

A sneak peek into the personal life of music stars, live events, latest releases and so on. Though there are many other similar websites on the internet, what makes this one different from the others is the strategy they follow. They offer something different- breaking news, updated events, gossips and more which attract more audience.


Let us take a look at the secrets of other trades. For example, what secret does a locksmith hold in his profession? No trade is without secrets. Even the locksmiths have some best trade secrets which you will never get to hear from them directly. Some of them are in fact very interesting to know! Some locksmiths work as undercover agents for police force. They help the police to get into a property and set up surveillance.

Even though locksmiths quote price for specific services, the price tend to change based on the customer and the situation. For instance, if a guy calls a locksmith to unlock his car in the middle of the night near a strip club, the locksmith automatically charges more. They think if the guy can pay for a strip club, he can very much pay for the locksmith service.

Locksmiths even provide some valuable advice to their customers. For example, if you are buying a new house, re-key the entire house. If a key has a mark saying ‘do not duplicate’ it means that the key can be easily duplicated. You do have the option of installing high security locks which cannot be replicated, but use them wisely as they can be expensive. Also, do not pick a cheap locked safe from a flea market. You may pay less for the safe, but end up paying almost double the price to open it.

While shopping for locks, do not buy the ones from big-box retailers. Pick a lock that is at least grade two. Another useful tip is that, if you can’t turn your key, try using a silicon spray on the lock. This works 40 percent of the time.

Legitimate locksmiths tend to ask for your identity proof before starting the work. This is to ensure that the property is yours. Locksmiths often tend to find themselves stuck in the middle of divorce wars, since each person in the house try to lock the other one out of the property they own mutually.

Ensure to remember these tips as they are some of the best kept trade secrets of 24/7 locksmith service which might come handy anytime!