Well it looks like 50 cent is back to his old tricks again.This time it was at this years Hot 97 annual Summer Jam concert.According to multiple sources and video footage here’s what went down and why.As seen in the video 50 was performing cuffing season with fellow New York rapper fabulous.When all of a sudden a fight broke out in the background with members of 50’s crew and another New York resident by the name of Slow Bucks.Slow Bucks is well known for being affiliated with several rappers and a clothing line that became popular in the New York area.The incident was sparked by a photo Slow Bucks posted with 50 cent’s son Marquise and one of 50’d enemies by the name of Trav.According to various sources 50 was none to happy about this and ordered his henchman to send a message while 50 continued to perform his set with Fabolous as if nothing was occuring behind him.

Here’s video of the entire episode as it unfolds…

Here’s a picture of Slow Bucks seen here with Snoop Dogg


Here’s the slow motion video captured by allhiphop.com